Some facts about me :D


Heyy so I have this blog for a while now and I thought I should tell you more about me 😀
P.S. I found some questions on the internet but you can comment yours also and I will answer them as well ❤
P.S.S. What is your favorite movie? :3
1. What’s your name? My name is Anita Dimitrijevic (I know weird name haha)
2.How old are you? I’m only 13 haha 😀
3.When is your birthday? My birthday is on 13th of September
4.Do you have a crush? I guess..?
5.Have you ever fell in love? no
6.Favorite food? Pizza
7.Last text was from? My bff
8.Battery percentage? 33%
9.Eye color? dark brown
10. Addiction? Music,youtube..
11.Favorite song? hahah that changes every day..
12.Favorite animal? cat :3
13.Do you sing in the shower? Not really,I hate my voice and I don’t want anyone to hear me haha
14.One wish? Idk,more wishes? haha 😀
15.Best time in your life far now? When I was in Disneyland ^^
16.Country you live in? Serbia
17.Pets? no 😦
18.Plan on getting married? yes haha
19.Favorite subject? Art I guess 🙂
20.Have you ever kissed? yes,but not like a real kiss if you understood anything I said haha :’D
21.Insecure? Well I think everybody is insecure sometimes..I’m not insecure in front of my friends but I’m sometimes shy in front of people I don’t know 🙂
22. Miss anyone? yes :/
23. Hair color? Brown
24.Relationship status? single
25. Last song you heard? This one
26.Biggest fear? Idk,that I will have a boring job,that I will die in the shower and my dad or sister find me naked (weird I know) and I always wanted to be a youtuber but I’m afraid I will be very boring and suck at it….
27.Believe in ghosts? no,I guess?
28.Something you hate? When people are being rude to someone with no reason,when I’m in some public place and people are shouting on their phone..let’s just say a lot of things haha
29.Favorite tv show? a lot but right now teen wolf
30. Favorite movie? idk, I have a lot fav movies I can’t choose one
31.Favorite book? Idk but I love those books that when you start reading them you can’t stop
32. Jealous of? luke hemmings’ legs
33.Worst habit? Staying up really late
34.Future career choice? I really don’t know but I don’t want to have a boring job,I want to travel a lot 😀
I guess that’s it 😀 I hope I didn’t bored you to death :’D